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Although the focus of this web sight is baggage checks, there is often confusion on the difference between a baggage check and other similar brass "tags".

Tool checks are often confused with baggage checks. A tool check will usually have a round hole, rather than a flat strap opening. Other checks/tags are also confusing. Time checks are similar to tool checks, however, they may come with a slot rather than a round hole.

In New England there is an abundance of matched tags made for the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Artillery (a Massachusetts fraternal organization). Because these have been sold as railroad baggage checks, I've put them on another page.

Without going too much into other forms of transpiration ships (using large color coded cardstock and celluloid), airlines some other types of brass checks are:

non-railroad brass tags and checks
Bay State Parcel Room example

A nice New England steamboat check. Note the wording ON STEAMER.

. More steamboat examples can be seen by clicking here.

Gray Line example

This is the only brass Bus check that I have ever seen. Are there more out there? A nice later John Robbins hallmark.

Agricultural Fair tag example

An odd shape, made by Rand Avery (the only maker to use italicized numerals) I believe that this is Washington County in Rhode Island. Moooo..

Parking tag example

A nice fancy shape for a parking tag. This one came with a twin and their original leather strap. The green color is the effect that leather conditioner has over time on the brass. This is not terribly unusual to see.

Mill Tag example

The Knapp mill is/was in Richmond Maine. This tag has a nice later John Robbins hallmark. I do not know its use.

New York Transfer Company

Transfer / Express Company Tag example

This is a scarce New Jersey Division  "Line Check". I don't know the exact use of this tag, but it is  The hallmark is rough, but it seems to be made by the American Railway Supply Company of New York.

"Personal" Tag example

Used by an individual to identify themselves. This version has an advertisement for the Canadian National Railway on the front. 

The material is two pieces of soft white metal casting (in a sandwich) between a paper insert that is covered by a piece of plastic. The plastic provides the "window" that can be seen on the reverse side. Note the small strap opening size. The strap would also help to keep the brass pivoting mechanism from opening.

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