TagTown Steamboat / Steamship Examples

Although the primary focus of TagTown is railroad baggage checks, steamboat and steamship checks are very similar. Unfortunately, I have such a New England slant on things in general, what follows is probably not a good representation of the cross-section of examples available.
Three non-New England examples
Thousand Island Steamboat company made by American Railway Supply Co. and was used in the Saint Lawrence River. A Cleveland & Buffalo Transportation Company made by Poole Brothers used on Lake Erie and a Northern Transportation Company which was used on Lake Michigan.
Three Southern New England examples
Norwich Line "Special" would have been used from Norwich Connecticut to New York, maker is Hoole Nantucket Island to New Bedford via the Nantucket and Cape Cod Steamboat Company, made by Robbins. Boston to Newport via Fall River has a few possibilities, more than likely it was train between Boston and Fall River and then water to Newport. All three of these checks have a lot of basic New England appeal.
Three Northern New England examples
Boothbay and Maine Central joint check, made by Robbins. The MCRR never had a line to Boothbay, so this route involved water travel. Knox and Lincoln and Sanford's Steamers, made by Robbins. The K&L was a coastal rail route that was absorbed by the Maine Central in 1891. Portland Steam Packet Company and Maine Central joint check, also made by Robbins.

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