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E. J. Brooks

This maker is best known for making a wide range of railraod and telegraph supplies. Their cap badges are quite well known. When I first came upon one of their checks I was a bit surprised. The good news is that I have two versions of what became of them. I will list both stories and we'll see what additional information surfaces. They clearly made quality railroad supplies toward the end of  the 1800s. Both guys that provcided this information are credible, so we'll see which story pans out.

Story A
They were part of the creation of the American Railway Supply Company (in about 1890-1891). It is known that the Hoole Mfg Co was part of the creation of American Railway Supply, but we also can't confirm for a fact the Brooks was part of this.

Story B
They still exist in New Jersey today. OK, OK, no Jersey jokes.
E.J. Brooks Central of Georgia Railway tags
To the left is a Central Railroad of Georgia Local tag and a view of an enlarged hallmark.
In the center is one of the notorious Laborer tags used on the Docks. 
The right is an exceptional logo shell tag also made for the Central of Georgia Railway. 

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