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One way that a railroad would show its pride was to promote their company logo. Things haven't changed much when you consider modern branding, advertising and promotional schemes. Although it is difficult to put any firm date on when these logo tags came onto the scene, the turn of the century (1900) would be a reasonable assumption. Enjoy!
A mismatched pair of Baltimore & Ohio RR "local" capital logo tags. Both made by American Ry Supply. Note the size difference.
A wonderful Southern Railway "SR with Arrow" logo tag. No maker. This logo can also be found on various pieces of Southern hardware (locks, etc.)
Condition is everything on this Grank Trunk tilted logo tag. Without a number, this is a later piece.
Another well known logo. This is from teh Chicago & Northwestern Line. Made by American Railway supply.
A Chicago, Burlington & Quincy "Burlington Route" logo. Again, made by American Railway Supply.
A Great Northern Railway slanted logo. The maker is Hanson, which makes this a rare one.
An absolutely gorgeous Central of Georgia Railway "big C" logo. This is an E.J. Brooks, which makes it quite rare.
A Northern Pacific Railway "Yellowstone Park Line" logo. The maker is American Railway supply. This tag is available for  trade 


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