Lot #200 - Grand Trunk Railway Flag & Marker Mounting Post



Railroad Grand Trunk  
Size 10 1/2" tall
Type Cast Iron
Condition Very Good

Very unusual flag/marker bracket with long tube and heavy stable base. Possibly from the pilot of a locomotive. The diameter of the base is 5 1/2". It stands 10 1/4" tall. The top view shows the flag hole and marker bracket slide mount. It has GTR cast on one side and 32544 cast on the other side. Cast iron so it's heavy. A very unusual relic. 

The Flags that are being sold in Lot #218 actually came to us with this marker. It makes sense because the flags are obviously very old. I missed this when doing the initial consignor sorting and you should check the flags in Lot 218 to have a nice addition to this Marker Post. 

Very Good condition.


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copyright Scott Czaja 2013