Lot #160 - Pennsylvania Railroad Fixed Globe Lamp, Fancy PRR lettering





Railroad Pennsylvania  
Size 25" tall
Type Fixed Globe in Brass
Condition Excellent

Fixed Globe interior Lamp with cut and acid etched inscription for the Pennsylvania Railroad. This is a remarkable lamp. The Globe is plastered into place, hence the name "fixed globe" and it measures 6" of visible area. There are extensions off of the top and bottom so that the plaster can hold the globe into the brass frame. There is a fancy wreath and the center has PRR in intertwined letters. There are NO detractions in the glass globe at all.

The frame is all brass. It stands 25" tall in total height. The base can be removed by a three point bayonet mount that has a simple spring catch. There is evidence of old tarnished brass on the interior near the plaster. This is what you want to see in something this old that has been cleaned and helps to authenticate the lamp. The base has a two point bayonet mount sprung assembly that looks like it takes a candle or candle like device. There are no markings from a manufacturer or patent. The one thing I could find is that the larger mounting plate has what looks like "1357" shop stamped on the reverse. The top ball finial is threaded. During the preview - DO NOT play with this. The risk of globe damage by the internal threaded nut or using a broom stick to hold the nut in place to screw it back on is too risky. This is a special lamp and before leaving an absentee bid, please check to see if delivery or pickup can be arranged. I want to make sure it gets to its new home safely and shipping something this fragile in this size is not something I want to do.

Excellent condition with few known to exist.


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