Lot #130 - C. T. Ham Conductor Lantern #1



Railroad Presentation  
Size #1
Type C. T. Ham
Condition Very Good

Unusual #1 model Brass Conductor Lantern by C. T. Ham Manufacturing. Uncleaned condition and all original. The frame is clearly marked C. T. Ham MFG CO #1 on the base. The frame completely "field strips" to individual components. The pin that locks the fount into a specific point on the frame base is missing. This is common. It's a tiny pin and the only issue is that the fount can move in the base if the threads are not locked down extra hard. The frame shows some age and it has a couple of interesting things:

1) the top seems elongated and tall 

2) the base diameter is small 

3) the globe is marked "Queen Trade Size on a paper label

The globe measures 4 7/8" total height with a 4 1/2" visible area. The top diameter is 2 1/4" and the base is 2 1/2" diameter. The top finial has been pushed in, probably from "soot knocking". It's a #1, so it is not common. Very Good condition.


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