Lot #119 - General Motors Framed uncut Calendar sheet


Railroad EMD (General Motors)  
Size 30" by 24"
Type professionally Framed
Condition Excellent

The frame measures 30" by 24". The uncut calendar sheet was matted to a size of 25" by 19 1/2". It must date to the post WWII - 1950 era. There are E7s and FTs. Note that there are duplicates. There are 46 pocket calendar prints. For some reason the upper right is empty. Each locomotive has an explanation of the significance of that road and that EMD was a great idea. These small prints would have been die cut and a calendar would be applied to the back side. They would then be laminated in plastic. When each railroad would order these calendar prints you would get just one scene per year so this General Motors sheet is unusual. It has been professionally framed and the glass is really plastic. Very Good condition. 


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