Lot #114 - Armstrong Dining Room & News Company - China Platter



Railroad Armstrong  
Size 13" by 9"
Type early 1800's china
Condition Good 

China platter marked "Armstrong's Dining Rooms". The platter measures 13" by 9". This is a very old piece and the picture of the British registry mark is provided for more detailed dating. It seems that all of the Armstrong china that has surfaced to date has been from the 1800s. These china pieces typically have more wear and tear than this piece. For some reason when this platter was fired in the kiln with final glaze, they placed it on the rack improperly so the typical 3 points of rest are not in perfectly symmetrical positions. One is near the rim. The slight discoloration near the rim It not damage. See the back in person for more on this. Good condition which is outstanding for something this old.


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