Lot #96 - Eastern Steamship - Switch style Key

Electric Service Supplies Co. of Philadelphia



Railroad Eastern Steamship  
Size 2"
Type Fraim "banner" logo
Condition Excellent

Brass Hollow Barrel key from the Eastern Steamship Company. Special Purpose is "L" marked on the front in smaller lettering. The Fraim hallmark on the reverse is the "Banner" rather than the later "Keystone". The barrel has a double ring and the key shows little use. Excellent condition.

Info from a collector:

I've seen a number of these keys and the locks that are shackle-stamped that go with them in my 36 years of seeking locks of all kinds. This is a key that was made for the Electric Service Supplies Co. of Philadelphia, a supplier to the electric traction industry. It seems ESSCO had their locks and keys marked for them rather than for the trolley company they were selling them to. These are always seen to be marked the same as this one, with the CO being done with a different die stamp.


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