Lot #86 - Boston & Maine "Pebble" Finish Cast Panel Lock & Key

Railroad Boston & Maine  
Size standard
Type Cast Back panel
Condition Very Good

Boston & Maine Railroad Pebble Finish Cast Panel Brass Lock with Key. Lock measures 2 5/8" by 3 5/8". The key pattern is what Key Lock & Lantern diagrams refer to as a "standard" B&M bit. It is an Eastern Division Switch bit pattern. The cast panel is very nice with some green copper oxidation. The key is marked Bohannan with "B&MRR" stamped on the front and "12447 S" stamped on the reverse. This lock is in unusual uncleaned condition. This is not a common Boston & Maine item. Very Good condition.

From a collector:

This is a lock made by MILLER. The pock-marked finish was one of their signature styles as well as the feature of protruding pins and not peened-over rivets. You will see that the pins extend up from the lock body and when the front is pressed on, they were then machined flat to the height of the grommets cast into the front cover. This allowed for the lock to be taken apart for repair without having to file or chisel off rivet heads to get to the insides. The grommets give a little more beef to the lock front when hammering down with a hollow punch to firmly join front to back. 


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