Lot #80 - Conductor Lantern - Steam Gauge



Railroad Presentation  
Size #3
Type Brass Frame
Condition Excellent

A Steam Gauge Lamp & Lantern #3 Brass Conductor Lantern. This "mushroom" top model is the one Dietz chose to move forward with after they bought out Steam Gauge. It is nice to have the older SGL&L marking. The frame has been nicely polished and the lantern is complete. The frame has no detractions other than one small dent in the mushroom top. This is common when you consider that it was customary to "knock soot out" before entering in-doors. The globe is free blown and has a total height of 4 11/16" with a 4 3/8" visible area. top and bottom diameters are: 2" and 2 1/2". Excellent condition.


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