Lot #60 - Conductor Lantern with Green over Clear Globe 1871 patent



Railroad Presentation  
Size 5 1/2" tall globe - #39
Type Brass Frame
Condition Excellent

A Brass Fixed Globe Conductor Lantern. This is not a common style of lantern. Brass Fixed globe frames are very hard to find. Several factors make this an old frame: 

1) no joint clips on the wires 

2) "bicycle spoke" verticals with butt joints in the base skirt 

3) hollow base 

4) inability to remove/replace the globe 

5) the base is secured using two button springs

There are no maker or patent markings of any kind. The brass has been polished. Included is a P&R RY cast globe that would be from the 1900 era but the frame is from the 1870 era. The separation of the vertical wires on the base allowed for pinching the Reading globe in. The globe could be replaced if a vintage globe is inserted and the base wires are re-soldered. On something this old, it's a worthy project. I tried to measure the base diameter of the globe and It was similar to 3 1/4" so something like a #39 size may be what's required. I did not have calipers up in Brookline when I did the pictures, just a tape measure so this should be double checked. The burner could also be upgraded to something older. It's a #2 size so a replacement is not difficult. Excellent condition for its age.


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