Lot #50 - Boston & Maine RR Fixed Globe Lantern with Cut B&MRR




Railroad Boston & Maine  
Size Standard
Type Block Cut lettering
Condition Excellent

Boston & Maine Railroad - Fixed Globe Bellbottom lantern with a clear wheel cut B&MRR globe. Made by New England Glass Company. 

This is the lantern on page 26 of Richard Barrett's comprehensive Lantern Encyclopedia book. 

The B&MRR marking on the glass is in 1 1/8" tall block lettering. The top assembly is clearly the NEGCo hashed dagger that they are well known for. There is a single wire wrap to the lid. This is not a repair. You can see how expertly the craftsman snipped the tin a perfect intervals. A shop repair would be crude compared to this tin work. There is old gunk in the lettering and it helps to really show how nice the lettering is. New owner, don't clean this. The metal bell has a minor imperfection on the edge. No biggie, it's the glass that matters. Excellent condition and an opportunity to have an example "from the book".


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copyright Scott Czaja 2013