Lot #30 - Conductor Lantern with Green over Clear Globe 1871 patent



Railroad Presentation  
Size 5 1/16" tall globe - Conductor
Type Brass Frame plated lid
Condition Excellent

Aug 31, 1875 Patent Brass Conductor Lantern that has a fine Green / Clear globe. This is a taller model. It stands about 11" high. The lid is nickel plated. This was done so that the conductor could see paperwork (ticket stamping) with more reflection off of a nickel surface than just brass. Of course you had to pay for this option. The globe is a nice free blown green over clear. This was an involved process that required mating the two pieces of glass at a high temperature. The globe measures 5 1/16 in total height. The visible portion of the globe is 4 3/4". The top diameter is 2 1/8" and the base diameter is 2 5/8". The frame is a single piece with a threaded fount/burner assembly. The base is threaded and it comes off easily. The fount is also threaded onto the base "cup". Everything field strips as it should. There is some old repair work to the fount and that is a very minor issue when you consider how old and how much this lantern has been through. Excellent condition.

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