Lot #212 - Boston & Albany Railroad

BLUE Cast Fixed Globe Lantern - C. T. Ham Mfg.




Railroad Boston & Albany 
Size 10 1/2" tall
Type cast fixed globe
Condition Excellent

Boston & Albany Railroad C. T. Ham Manufacturing Brass Top Cast Fixed Globe lantern with a Blue Cast globe. This Ham fixed globe has the optional 3 vertical support wires. This feature helps to hold the frame together if the plaster holding globe ages and becomes loose while in use. The lantern stands 10 1/2" high. It has the standard "Engine" base. 

The base does have the C. T. Ham hallmark on the support strap. The top is a fine Brass Top with no damage. There are obvious signs of original, weathered plaster on the top and bottom. The Blue Cast initials are in a panel. The Blue color is rare and it was used by repairmen. The rules state that only the person who sets out a blue can remove the blue. This prevented injuries while repairmen were in or underneath cars or locomotives. This is an excellent lantern with no flaws.


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