Lot #205 - Waverley - Wooden Depot Sign


Railroad Boston & Maine?? 
Size 50" by 12"
Condition Very Good

Wooden depot sign "WAVERLEY" that measures 50" by 12". An older sign with beveled edge with white lettering on a green background. The lettering style is consistent with the Boston & Maine. Note the "E" legs and compare to other B&M wooden signs. The white lettering has a thin, black border offset that really makes the lettering "pop". It has 2 centered mounting holes on the ends. If the name were WAVERLY there would be an endless array of places this could be from. My research indicates, Massachusetts (Fitchburg Division on the B&M) or Nova Scotia. Very nice eye appeal and not too long for display purposes. The back has nice old, runny crud that you would expect to see on a sign like this. Very Good condition.

We can deliver this sign to Gaithersburg or you can pick it up in Brookline. We can't ship it. 

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