Lot #202 - Boston & Albany Railroad

RED Cast Fixed Globe Lantern - Steam Gauge




Railroad Boston & Albany 
Size 10 1/2" tall
Type cast fixed globe
Condition Excellent

Boston & Albany Railroad Steam Gauge & C. T. Ham Manufacturing Red Cast Fixed Globe lantern. This lantern has a tin Steam Gauge top and a C. T. Ham base. This is not uncommon because this style of lantern was designed to accept interchangeable parts. The Red is "flashed" meaning that a thin coat of red is applied to the inside of the globe. This gives the color a muddy look. This lantern does not have vertical support wires. The lantern stands 10 1/2" high. It has the standard "Engine" base. The base does have the Ham hallmark on the support strap. 

The Steam Gauge top in tin is very unusual. The Steam Gauge brasstop is more common with the Steam Gauge name embossed on the vent area. There are obvious signs of original, weathered plaster on the top and bottom. The Red Cast initials are in a panel. There is an interesting manufacturing flaw in the globe that could not be photographed. It's an oval bubble near the top. This is an excellent lantern with no real flaws.


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