Lot #175 - Baggage Room - Wooden Sign


Railroad Baggage Room from New London Conn 
Size 72" by 9"
Condition Very Good

Wooden Baggage Room sign from New London, Connecticut. This was an interior sign. It was made of plywood and it never would have aged this well outside. It is long at 6' by 9". The lettering very nice. My consignor reports that this sign was from New London. The size of the sign and this location makes a lot of sense. It has a yellowish background that has "crackled" quite a bit. The dark lettering is a nice older style and it shows better than the pictures indicate. It has asymmetrical bolt mounting holes on both ends. It was also nailed through a few times and this is hard to see in the pictures.

We can deliver this sign to Gaithersburg or you can pick it up in Brookline. We can't ship it. 

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