Lot #165 - Grand Central Station - Wooden Sign


Railroad New York City 
Size 41" by 14"
Condition Very Good

This Wooden sign with arrows indicating "GRAND CENTRAL STATION ASTORIA & FLUSHING. This is an old framed sign that is double sided. It was obviously used in New York. I am not sure if it was Long Island Railroad and/or Subway related. The sign measures 41" by 14". The framed border is very nice. The paint on one side is better than the other. One side might have faced more "weather". The framing is excellent with no splits or popping out anywhere. This sign was mounted on the base corners and had two additional support holes on the ends. It didn't hang from its top. This is a very nice Queens / Manhattan item from New York City.

We can deliver this sign to Gaithersburg or you can pick it up in Brookline. We can't ship it. 

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