Lot #157A - Brasstop Bellbottom Signal Lamp & Lantern Frame with Extended Base Globe





Railroad Railroad Signal Lamp & Lantern 
Size 5 3/8" globe 
Type brasstop bellbottom
Condition Very Good 

Brasstop Bellbottom Railroad Signal Lamp & Lantern Company Railroad Lantern. This single wire guard has the distinctive "reverse S curve" cage associated with RR Signal and its successor company Armspear. The frame is not marked for this manufacturer but all signs are that it is a Railroad Signal Product. There is an Aug 31, 1975 patent marking near the intake holes on the base. It is a single piece frame with a pinchpot and it has a very old "pick wick" brass burner. The frame and globe are not marked for a specific railroad. The globe is molded and it is more bulbous that your normal #39 extended base globe. The bail comes out of the vent area and not off of cage ears. This is another indication of an early lantern. Very Good condition.

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