Lot #142 - Northern Railroad of New Hampshire Fixed Globe



Railroad Northern
Size 8" tall globe
Type free blown, cut letters
Condition Very Good 

Northern Railroad of New Hampshire "NRR" wheel cut fixed globe. This globe stands 8" tall with a visible portion of 6 1/2". The base diameter is 3 1/2", the top diameter is 2 3/4". These are standard dimensions and not some odd-ball that you can't find replacement parts for. The top has a rolled edge with flare. The base has an applied ring above the base that has a ripple. This was done so that plaster would have more to grab onto. This globe was free blown (not molded). It has nice swirls. This globe definitely saw service. There are numerous dings in the glass. There is no damage. The cutting style is block lettering and this is one of the standard forms used by the Northern. This was a Boston & Maine predecessor. Very Good condition..


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