Lot #102 - Atlantic & St Lawrence Railroad

Cast Fixed Globe Lantern New England Glass Co


Railroad Atlantic & St Lawrence 
Size 10" tall
Type cast fixed globe
Condition Good 

Atlantic & St Lawrence Railroad Cast Fixed Globe lantern. Made by the New England Glass Company with standard NEGCo features:

(a) dagger cut-out vents on top 

(b) wire bail through the top of the lid 

(c) 5 point rounded star in-take holes 

(d) standard "cup" base with recessed ring on bottom. 

The A&StL was a Grand Trunk predecessor in Maine. This was the first line from Portland to Montreal. The name was only around for 1853-1854. The lantern stands 10" tall. The A&STL initials are in a square panel that is 2 3/4" by 2". The lantern has a brass double pick wick burner. The fount was loose when this lantern came to me so I put a dab of caulk to hold the fount onto the base. This lantern shows a minty top area with nice japanning. The japanning on the base has weathered to a peeling black paint look. It's not paint, that's how creosote ages. This is an early lantern and guaranteed to be all original. Excellent condition with no flaws in the globe at all..


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