Lot #97 - Nickel Plate Road - Lima Hamilton Builder's Plate #774


Railroad Nickel Plate Road 
Size 16" by 9 1/4"
Condition Very Good

Lima Hamilton Builder's Plate from Nickel Plate Road (New York Chicago & St Louis Railroad) Locomotive #774. This plate measures 16" by 9 1/4". It has raised mounting holes on the top and bottom holes (see pictures of the back). With the raised mounts It sits pretty much flat on its face. Older plates have a curve to sit flush on a locomotive boiler. 

This was Lima Hamilton #9375. It is clearly marked April of 1949. Built by Lima as a 2-8-4 "Berkshire" style for the NKP. This was just about the end of steam. The NKP ordered a few sisters to this locomotive and that was the end of NKP steam. All of the plates and this number board are from the William B. Young estate. Bill stopped collecting hardware over 40 years ago. We are thrilled to have both this builder's plate and the number board from this same locomotive. 

This number board and the plates were researched and authenticated by Ron Muldowney at his house in New Jersey. This plate was clearly sand blasted at some point. Most collectors prefer the old cruddy look of "just off to the scrap-yard". Because of the "clean" look, I was apprehensive about this plate but Ron Muldowney compared this plate to a sister plate in his collection and they were a dead match. It's the real deal.

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