Lot #067A - F. O. Dewey Brasstop Bellbottom "Mill" Lantern



Railroad F. O. Dewey Mill Lantern 
Size 6" barrel globe
Type 12 wire, locking top
Condition Very Good 

Brasstop Bellbottom F. O. Dewey (Boston) "Mill" lantern. Note the odd locking hasp on the lid. This feature is often found broken off or damaged. This lantern also has 12 vertical wires. They did not want watchmen to access the flame in old cotton mills. This type of lantern was used in the 1800s in New England. It has a nice 6" barrel style globe with the additional F. O. Dewey name cast into the top flange. This lantern has the original (hard to find) fount that seems to be unique to this frame. The frame was painted red at some point. This is not that uncommon on a Mill Lantern. The burner is a switch style replacement from later years. The brass top is very clean. There may be some pitting on the metal frame. Very Good condition.

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