Lot #62 - Boston & Albany Railroad

Clear Cut Fixed Globe Lantern New England Glass Co


Railroad Boston & Albany 
Size 12" tall
Type Single red lens
Condition Good 

A Boston & Albany Railroad New England Glass Company Fixed Globe lantern. This is a standard style NEGCo B&A lantern. For some reason on most NEGCo cut globe lanterns they didn't cut RR after the B&A initials. This is standard. The lettering is also standard with horizontal legs on the base of the "A". The globe was free blown meaning is was not made in a mold. The globe has applied flanges of glass on the top and bottom. These were done to have a stable platform for the plaster to hold the globe to the frame. The standard NEGCo features include: 

(a) dagger cut-out vents on top 

(b) wire bail through the top of the lid 

(c) 5 point rounded star in-take holes 

(d) standard base with recessed ring on bottom 

(e) unique pinch pot base. 

The bottom of the base is not marked. This looks more like the 1868 than the 1854 version. The 1868 was designed to take a glass fount with a tin collar. The 1854 takes a small collar of tin on recessed base of a glass fount. There are signs of use to the globe (minor scratches, etc). This lantern is in very good condition.


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