Lot #45 - Northern Pacific Wooden "Notice" Board


Railroad Northern Pacific 
Size 39" by 23"
Condition Very Good

Wooden Northern Pacific & Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad depot "Notice Board". It measures 39" by 23". It was made with "bread-board" ends (strips of wood at a 90 degree angle to the main board. Once common at depots these boards were used to update the status of trains arriving (and departing) from each depot. The depot this came from had trains from both the NP and CB&Q. The NP trains were #1 and #2. I am assuming without researching it that this was the "North Coast Limited" because of the low number. The labels on the back have a penciled name of "Glenxxxx Montana". I was able to find Glendive, Montana on the NP in an old Official Guide. Glendive is close to North Dakota. The CB&Q train was #42 and #43. The CB&Q doesn't list Glendive in the same Official Guide so I am not sure if this sign was to be used at Glendive after a prior use or what the full story is. It was shipped over the Northern Pacific to Glendive at some point. This may help somebody determine what depot(s) this sign came from. I think some of the black paint was retouched or repainted at some point. The gold lettering is crisp. Some evidence of chalk where the times would be marked in by the local agent. Very Good condition. 

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