Lot #28 - Framed Yarmouth Steamship Company Print


Railroad Framed Yarmouth Steamship Company 
Size 41" by 27"
Date 1895-1905?
Condition Good - some restoration work

Framed Yarmouth Steamship Company Print - Large 41" by 27" format. This print has had some restoration work. It has a great look to it. The advertising is excellent. It has a ship in the center and it advertises service between the Canadian Maritimes and Boston. It states that L. E. Baker is the president and Managing Director. No date but it looks 1890-1910 era. Good restored condition.

Note: this is a NON-SHIPPABLE item.  We can deliver this sign to Gaithersburg or you can pick it up in Brookline. We can't ship it. 


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