Lot #10 - 13 Switch keys, 2 folding key display cases & 8 more keys



Railroad Vary 
Size cases are 24" by 17" when folded, keys are mostly 2" long
Condition Very Good

This lot includes: 

(1) 13 marked Switch Keys (2nd pic)

(2) 8 unmarked keys (3rd pic)

(3) 2 folding display cases (1st pic)

The 13 marked keys are: HBL RR (Harbor Belt), HV, L&M, MRS ( Manufacturer's) M&O, ICG, SLSY (ST Louis Stock Yards) C&GT, URR CO, USTVA (US Tennessee Valley Authority), U&D (Ulster & Delaware). 

Also included are 8 keys that are not well marked. The 2 display cases were nicely made and measure 24" tall by 17" wide. When open they are about 34" wide. Please note that the photo of the cases includes the original key collection. You get JUST the keys shown in the smaller photographs. The other keys will be sold as separate lots in this auction. 

The two folding display cases are from the John Egan collection. The mounting hooks have small spring clips so that the keys won't fall off the hooks when the cases are moved. We will not ship this lot because of the size and weight of the cases.

Win this early lot and then fill it up with more key lots that follow! 

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