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R Woodman

R. Woodman was located in Boston, Massachusetts. This company can best be described as obscure. It is very difficult to obtain any information on Woodman. It is just as difficult to find their baggage checks.

One interesting aspect of Woodman baggage checks is the use of Italicized numerals. Rand Avery is the only other baggage check maker that used this style of numeral. An example can be found below.

Of the two hallmarks for Rand Avery the R. Woodman, Boston is earlier than the R. Woodman, Boston, Mass hallmark.

Woodman Shell Check

The Washington County Railroad lasted from 1898 until 1911, when the Maine Central absorbed them. The makers hallmark is barely visible on the right side. The makers hallmark is vertical in this view.

A greatly enlarged and rotated hallmark for the same shell check.

Woodman Through Check

St. Mary and Southwestern RR Through example

The St M. & SW RR was existed between 1893 and 1897. This helps to determine which of the two makers hallmarks is earlier. Note the italicized numerals. The hallmark area above the slot is bent, but legible.
Detail of hallmark on above check.

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