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Uunconfirmed Makers
The following is a list of makers that have not been confirmed. Please report any that you can confirm. This list basically came from a twice transcribed scibbling that was handed down years ago at a Key Lock & Lantern Convention in Albany New York. If you can confirm any of these (even without an image), please provide the following:

1. Maker name on hallmark exactly as it appears
2. Any roadname or initials and number(s)
3. Type of tag (if you can tell if it is a passenger receipt, local, station, shell, etc).
 Reported  Location
 Brass Goods Mfg.  NY, NY
 Bridgeport Brass Co.  Bridgeport, Conn
 Gibson, A.C.  Buf., NY
 Hogson & Pettis  New Haven, Conn
 Johnson & Co.  Buf., NY
 Thorpe Mfg.  Detroit., Mich

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