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Sachs, Lawlor Machine & Manufacturing Co.

SachsLawlor is a fairly obscure maker. The hallmark clearly states that the patent is pending. There is a punched out "hump" protruding out of the top (face) which is large enough to get a leather strap through. There is only one slot, which is uncommon for "shell" style checks. The reverse side has parallel "bends" which accept a paper insert. The base of the reverse side has a "stopper" to help keep the insert from sticking out of the bottom. The bend for the stopper can be seen on the front view in the center where there is discoloration in the center at the bottom of the hallmark.

The amazing Michael "Research" SUllivan has turned up some interesting information on this and other Colorado makers. This infdormation came from early Business DIrectories in the Boston Public Library:

As early as 1890 William Sachs was listed as a tencil, seal and rubber stamp maker. Starting in 1898 he partnered up with George Clara a machinist and John H. Lawlor another machinist and organized the Sachs-Lawlor Machine & Manufacturing Co. at 1543 Larimer St. Denver Colo. During this year the other companies listed under the heading "Badge & Checks-Metal" were A.S.Carter Co., Denver Novelty Works & Mfg Co. and Sachs-Lawlor Machine & Mfg. Co. The product line for S-L M&M in 1898 was listed as follows: Machine shop-Novelty works, Rubber stamps, Seals, etc.
Sachs Lawlor special patent shell tag
Rio Grande Lines Denver Colorado - Very large lettering with no number. The patina is a copperish brown and worn through in several places. The "hump" seems a little beaten up, but it is intact. With the scarcity of Colorado material in general, this is nice check to pick up when available. Note that the images have been enlarged for clarity.

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