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J. M. W. Jones

Jones is another obscure maker. Although the checks below do not constitute a statistically significant sample size, Indiana certainly does come to mind. Actually Fort Wayne comes specifically to mind. I have no real information on Jones.

I need information on this maker.
Three Jones checks
The first is a "SPECIAL" from the Fort Wayne, Cincinnati & Louisville RR. (1881-1890) 
The second is a "LOCAL" from the Lake Erie & Western RR  (1879-1922)
The Third is from the Forst Wayne, Terre Haute & Southwestern RR  (1895-1897)

Although no conclusions can be made about the dates of operation for Jones, these checks give a relative feel for the style and location of roads they made checks for.


This is the reverse of the first check above enlarged. This check is also quite thick relative to most. Becasue it is a "SPECIAL" and not a "LOCAL" this check would have traveled to other railroads. That is why the check refers to GENL BAG DEPT OF YOUR LINE. Hey, they wanted these back after use. Click on the Types hyperlink below to get more information on how checks were used.

This is an enlargement of a Jones hallmark. The three checks above have no variation on this hallmark.

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