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Date What link
 7/22/01  Added History page  go to History
 7/22/01  Added great info to Sachs Lawlor page  go to Sachs Lawlor
 7/22/01  Added better examples to John Robbins  go to Robbins
 7/22/01  Added D.C. Robbins to makers  go to Makers
 7/22/01  Added S.L. Stamp, Law & Burgess to makers  go to Makers
 7/22/01   Added Seeger to makers  go to Makers
 12/15/01  Fixed countless spelling errors  everywhere!
 12/12/01  Added maker "J.H. Smith" to makers page  go to Makers
 12/12/01  Added amker "Adams" to makers page  go to Makers
 12/12/01  Added maker/patent "Abbott" page  go to Abbott
 12/12/01  Added amker "Otto" to makers page  go to Makers
 12/12/01  Added to "M.M. Buck" controversy page  go to M.M. Buck
 12/12/01  Added American Ry supply potential fake page  go to Am Ry Fake
 12/12/01  Moved many links from Home page to "Specials" page  go to Special
 08/14/01  Added Maine 2 footers special page  go to Maine 2 footers
 08/11/01  Added fake and possible fake additions  go to Fakes
 08/11/01  Added rare 1883 patent tag pair to Wilcox maker page  go to Wilcox
 08/11/01  Added great image and info to Morehouse maker page  go to Morehouse
 08/11/01  Added Moise maker page  go to Moise
 08/11/01  Added Hanson maker page  go to Hanson
 03/22/01  Added a page of "logo" tags to specials page  go to Logos
 03/09/01  Added "M.M. Buck" controversy page  go to M.M. Buck
 01/31/01  Added Robbins catalog & Hoole price fixing documentation page. You can also get here from either the Robbins or Hoole "maker" page. Or just click the link to the right.  Catalog & letter
 01/31/01  Added J.M.W. Jones page  go to Jones
 01/31/01  Added Sherburne page  go to Sherburne
 01/31/01  More Maker page cleanup and  valuation tips  go to Makers
 01/31/01  Added "Unconfirmed Makers page" this helps cleanup the makers page  Unconfirmed Makers
 01/30/01  Added Arnold page  go to Arnold
 01/30/01  Added Thomas George to makers page  go to George
 01/25/01  Added a "special of the month" page  go to Special
 01/23/01  2 new Hoole hallmarks (100 WIlliams, just Hoole)  go to Hoole
 01/23/01  Removed lots of junque from home page  
 01/23/01  Added a better intro for beginners and Civil War diggers go to Civil War
 01/23/01  Added a "trade" page go to Trade
 01/23/01  Added 10 new makers with  detail on many (if images exist) go to Makers
01/23/00 Added Murdock detail page go to Murdock
01/23/00 Added Telphone tag and "Personal" to Related page go to Related
01/23/00 Added more detail to Fakes page go to Fakes
01/15/00 Added Steamboat detail page go to Steamboat
01/15/00 Added many old examples to Dater page go to Dater
01/15/00 Added shell example to Hoole detail page go to Hoole
01/14/00 Added many small hallmark images to Makers page go to Makers
01/14/00 Added Sachs Lawlor detail page go to Sachs Lawlor
01/12/00 Added Thomas detail page go to Thomas
01/12/00 Added Goodwin image to detail page go to Goodwin
01/11/00 Added Morehouse detail page go to Morehouse
01/11/00 fake Thomas GSNHS posted to "fake" page go to Fakes
01/11/00 9 fakes posted to "fake" page go to Fakes
01/09/00 Noticed KL&L is linked to me, get off my a*s
01/09/00 Added Wilcox detail page go to Wilcox
01/09/00 Added Goodwin detail page go to Goodwin
01/09/00 Added Morehouse, Tilitson, Strange and "Scarcity" to Makers go to Makers

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