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Are the tags on this site for sale?
No. I occasionally trade, but my goal is to build a strong collection.

Do you buy tags?
Yes, I certainly do. I am at a point in life where I can purchase entire collections without chewing someone to death on price. I am always interested in singles as well. I am very, very interested in the following:

Why do I have to put up with the silly advertising window?
Using Geocities/Yahoo is free. If you want to/or know someone who would host this site, please let me know.

Why aren't there paper tags on this site?
I have many paper tags. I really enjoy them too. The primary focus here is on old (pre 1900) material. Paper examples may take up too much space (for the images on the server).

Where can I get more information on baggage checks?
I don't know. There is a fairly small number of focused collectors that are aggressive about baggage checks. I enjoy the historical nature of having to scout through research material at major libraries. If you have sources of good information, please share it with me

Why collect these things?
Hey, why get out of bed in the morning? The real beauty of baggage checks: (1) the history each one represents (they all should have been melted down in WWI or WWII as scrap) (2) the scarcity (3) the size is ideal (4) the variations of shape, purpose, maker and materials make it an endless search. Any moron can stumble into a blue cast globe! Geez, why collect anything else?

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