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Day & Halsey

Day & Halsey have an interesting past. It is believed that they were always located in New York. The very limited time of operation make these easy checks to date. They first appear in the New York City Business Directory with an advertisement in 1869 which states:

importers of
hardware, cutlery, guns
and heavy goods
Railway, Steamboat, and Machinists'

Thomas D. Day                James E. Halsey
Special  John H. Scott
246 Canal St.  100 & 102 Walker St. NY

In 1872 the listing was:

Day & Halsey, hardware, 246 Canal St.

In 1873 the listing was:

Thomas D. Day & Co.  Hardware,    246 Canal St.

There is no listing after 1873. The image below is the only one that I know of or heard of from this "hard to get" maker. Any Day and Halsey check can be considered to be a "real find". This baggage check is very rare.
Day & Halsey check
The O.A&M RR is the Orange, Alexandria & Manassas Gap RR. This name form existed between 1867 and 1872. Although this is a "dug" tag, it is a true rarity. The image has been enlarged for greater clarity.

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