Lot #260 - Unusual Brass Walton Conductor Lantern with hinged base




Railroad Presentation  
Size 5" globe
Type Walton
Condition Good - NO globe

Brass Conductor Lantern by Joseph J. Walton. This nickel plated lantern has some very interesting features. The bottom is stamped "MANFG BY JOSEPH J. WALTON, NY - PAT AUG 19, 1865". The base is hollow and it has a hinge on one side to get at the font and burner. The top was an unusual lid latch that comes up through the lid. The lid latch is sprung by a simple press plate. The vent area is very nice with multiple vent hole locations and a fine finial top. The nickel plating shows some real aging. No globe is included. This is not a common Conductor Lantern frame. Good basic condition.


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