Lot #259 - Boston Concord & Montreal Railroad Lantern





Railroad Boston Concord & Montreal Railroad 
Size 5 1/2" extended base Globe
Type Dewey or Kelly, pinch pot 
Condition Very Good

Wonderful old patina on this early Brass top frame. It is clearly stamped BC&M RR on the lid. It is a single piece frame with a two prong pinch pot. It has a glass font and an appropriate "Beacon" style burner. It is surprising to see a brass top with no "soot knocking" dents in it. It has also not been cleaned so it's a nice chocolate brown color. The globe is an early free blown model. It was not made in a mold. It has some scratches probably from somebody scratching their initials with a nail. The globe rattles a bit. There is no spring in this early model so this can happen. The BC&M did not have marked globes for their brasstop lantern frames.

The Boston Concord & Montreal existed form the 1840s until the merger with the Concord in 1889. This lantern dates to the 1870-1880 period. Clean it or leave it - it's Very Good to Excellent .

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