Lot #209 - Portland Saco & Portsmouth

 Fixed Globe Lantern



Railroad Portland Saco & Portsmouth 
Type Fixed Globe - engine base
Condition Very good

Portland Saco & Portsmouth Railroad Cut Fixed Globe Lantern

Early style PS&PRR block cut in typical lettering on an "Engine" base lantern. The frame is stamped tin. The bail is a flat band with original mounting hardware. The top has a star-diamond-star vent pattern. The base has 5 point star intake holes. The base has two bayonet mount pins and the globe is plastered into the ring with the pins. The fount is glass and it has an early style recess where it is plastered into the "cup" assembly. It sits low to the ground. The collar and burner are both pewter. This very early, pre-brass use of pewter is uncommon. The globe has an applied flange to the base and the top flares up into the frame top. The globe has very nice swirl marks. This type of globe is free blown and not molded. The lettering style is block letting in a well known style for this railroad. It's a very nice globe. 

The Portland Saco & Portsmouth was the first line from Portland to the New Hampshire state line. The Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads shared this line for Portland access. in 1873 the Boston & Maine built their own line through southern Maine. The PS&P name lasted from about 1841 - 1871. This is an early lantern in Very Good condition for its age.

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