Lot #199 - Concord RR Blue Fixed Globe Lantern



Railroad Concord 
Size 6" Globe
Type wheel cut globe, bell bottom
Condition Very Good

A Very nice and rare blue globe Concord Railroad lantern. The globe is a nice free blown model (not made in a mold). The globe has applied flanges on both the top and bottom. These look like rings. These flanges are applied with a thin line of glass after the basic globe has taken shape. You can see the overlap of where the rings are applied. The CRR wheel cut letting is standard for the Concord. There is an imperfection in the glass (it probably touched something when hot) at 4:00 beneath the 2nd "R". It's not a big deal and it is not damage from use or abuse. The tin frame is a standard New England form: flat band bail, star-diamond-start vent holes. The intake holes are 6 point starts and it has a bellbottom as opposed to an engine base. The pinch pot is missing the top plate and obviously the burner too. That can be found. This blue is not an easy color to find in undamaged condition. Very Good condition.

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copyright Scott Czaja 2012