Lot #149 - New Haven "BOSTON DIV" Marker Lamp




Railroad New Haven 
Size 5" lenses
Type Handlan 4 lens
Condition Very Good

New York New Haven & Hartford Handlan "Boston Division" Marker Lamp - This is a very nice all original marker lamp from the New Haven that has a large applied tag that reads, "BOSTON DIV." It's a standard Handlan design with 4 lenses and a rotating mounting bracket. It is complete with pot and burner. The New Haven used 3 Ambers and one Red lens on their tail markers. It has "NYNH&H on an applied tag on the sliding door. This marker is not side dependant (not marked Left or Right), the sliding mounting bracket allows it to be used on either side of the caboose. The lenses are a standard 5" diameter. The original finish is nice. There is minor paint chipping and wear here and there. Very Good condition.

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