Lot #139 - New England Lantern MacBeth Globe




Railroad New England 
Size 5 1/2" Globe
Type RR Signal Lamp & Lantern
Condition Very Good

New England Railroad 1890's Lantern with MacBeth 220 New Haven globe - The lantern frame is a Railroad Signal Lamp & Lantern Company 5 3/8" model with a twist off base. The fount is tin and it has the "bullseye" on the bottom. The NERR marking is not easy to find. This line existed for just 4 years in the 1890s (between the New York & New England and New Haven names). The New England was very short lived. The frame is dark and it does show some pitting. The globe is an extended base MacBeth 220 Pearl Glass model. It has no panel and the slightly smaller, block lettering. The globe is very nice. The globe is passable in this frame because it comes from the successor road. Good condition.

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