Lot #129 - Pennsylvania RR Lantern



Railroad Pennsylvania / PCC&StL 
Size 5 1/4" Globe
Type Handlan  "flat top"
Condition Very Good

Pennsylvania Railroad Handlan "flat top" Tall Globe Lantern with Amber Etched PCC&StL Globe - The lantern frame was brass plated at some early time. The plating is wearing off. The frame is a typical Handlan "flat top" with patent info on the very bottom. The globe is a very nice Corning with "Y" above the "Cnx" marking. The initials PCC&StL are etched in a well known design on the globe. The initials stand for: PITTSBURGH, CINCINNATI, CHICAGO & ST. LOUIS. This was a Pennsy controlled line. This lantern is from a prominent Pennsy lantern collection. Good condition.

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copyright Scott Czaja 2012