Lot #114 - Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewel, 8 Adjustment Railroad Watch

Includes Pedometer and Inspection cards 


Railroad n/a 
Type Vanguard 23 J, 8 adjustments
Condition Excellent

From the estate of  William B. Young, a wonderful Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewel, 8 Adjustment, Railroad Watch & New Haven Pedometer - 23 Jewel, 8 Adjustment, Railroad watches are not common. This was Bill's working Railroad Watch. Included are Inspection Cards from the Texas Mexican Railway and the Norfolk & Western. The Inspections date between 1975 and 1978. The watch is working. The watch has a Star Watch Case "A180008" back cover. The movement is clearly marked as a 23 Jewel Vanguard with 8 Adjustments. 8 adjustments is not common. There is a serial number on the movement of (what I think is) "33912870". Bill worked on several Railroad track gangs as a Foremen. Included is Bill's New Haven made Pedometer. The Pedometer is used to calculate distances based on stride count. You initially calibrate your stride length and the device than multiplies your fixed stride length by stride count to measure distance. Working condition of the Pedometer is unknown. This is a fine watch will full provenance.

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