Lot #113 - Framed ALCO builder's Photograph

Portland Terminal #1055 S-4


Railroad Portland Terminal 
Size 29 1/2" by 15 1/2"
Date 1950
Condition Good

This is an official American Locomotive Company (Alco) photo of locomotive #1055 from the Portland Terminal Company. This is the S-4 at the Conway Scenic Railroad today. This was an early diesel, built in 1950. The frame measures 29 1/2" by 15 1/2". The print measures 23" by 9". The mat is an original Alco embossed version. This print does not have the small placards that identify the date and build number. This print has some "crinkle" to the surface that shows when held in the right light. When viewed straight on you can't see it. Good condition.

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