Lot #109 - Pair of Dressel Marker Lamps


Railroad could be B&M 
Size standard
Type electrified
Condition Good

Matched pair of Dressel Marker Lamps 3 lenses each - These Dressel lamps have an addition plate on top the the "Dressel" marking on the top. They were electrified so no pots. The paint matches, they were definitely a pair. They have the nice cookie cutter fluting around the top area. This is loose but not missing on one of them (see pictures) The one marked "R" (right) has Blue, Blue and Red. The other (left) has Blue Red Blue. The doors are free sliding with no jamming. They both have pinch release spin mechanisms underneath. No guarantees on the old wiring. They are in "as found" uncleaned, basic Good condition.

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copyright Scott Czaja 2012