Lot #93 - Framed ALCO builder's Photograph

Portland Terminal #1001 HH-600


Railroad Portland Terminal 
Size 30" by 15 1/2"
Date 1936
Condition Very Good

This is an official American Locomotive Company (Alco) photo of locomotive #1001 from the Portland Terminal Company. This was an early diesel produced in July of 1936. The frame measures 30" by 15 1/2". The print measures 23" by 9". The mat is an original Alco embossed version. It is obvious that the locomotive is brand new, it has white wall tires that shine. There is a small "S-1754" placard under the lead truck. Alco did this to identify each unit produced. There is a small build date placard under the cab truck with "July 1936". This unit was scrapped in 1961. This is a very sharp print. The original mat has a split in the upper left corner that does not really detract. Very Good condition.

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