Lot #49 - Concord Manchester and Lawrence

 Fixed Globe Lantern


Railroad Concord Manchester & Lawrence 
Type Fixed Globe
Condition Excellent

Concord Manchester & Lawrence Old English style Cut Fixed Globe Lantern

This is a classic New England lantern design. Only a few roads used this fancy "Old English" style lettering. The frame has a flat band bail, star-diamond-star vent holes, a double wire wrap on the top, 6 point star intakes, standard bellbottom, pinch pot with a glass fount and a brass flat pick-wick burner.

Some people inaccurately refer to the wire wrap as a repair. It is believed that the wire wraps were a factory improvement to prevent globe detachment. One look at the tin work tells you that it's factory and not a shop repair. 

Now for the globe... It's a real beauty. It has applied flanges on both the top and bottom. These globes were free blown. Free blown globes have the wonderful swirl marks that this globe shows. They did not use molds to make this style of globe. Both ends show old plaster in the frame. The cutting style is very nice.

The Concord Manchester & Lawrence was a Concord and Boston & Maine controlled line. It was built to avoid use of the Boston & Lowell. The Manchester & Lawrence really ran to Concord. It was a financial shell game. Almost all M&L hardware is marked CM&L. The Concord and Northern were the two lines that used this Old English style of lettering. This is a beautiful lantern. The pinch pot is heavy and it does rattle a little. Still a great old piece. I used a colored rag to get better photos of the globe.

Excellent condition.

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