Lot #29 - Dressel New York Central Lines Marker Lamp

 "Cookie Cutter" top



Railroad not marked 
Size 14" high, 4 1/2" lenses
Type cookie cutter top, flexible mounting ring
Condition Very Good

Dressel New York Central Lines Marker Lamp with "Cookie Cutter" top - A very nice New York Central Marker lamp with flexible mounting ring. It stands about 14" tall and it has 2 Amber and one red lens. It is not marked Dressel, but it is one. If it's an A&W, let me know. This is a standard NYC marker lamp. It has a nice wooden bail, cookie cutter top, intact peek hole on sliding door, original finish, 4 1/2" diameter lenses, original pot and burner. This is a very nice lamp with original finish. It is showing some bare metal under the original paint but it's not pitted or rotted at all. A very nice example that could be refinished. Very Good condition.

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copyright Scott Czaja 2012