Lot #19 - Pair of Dressel Gate Lamps now Markers



Railroad not marked 
Size 10" high, 4" lenses
Type mounting brackets added
Condition Fair +

Pair of Dressel Gate Lamps converted into 3 lens Marker Lamps - This is an unusual pair of standard Dressel "Gate" Lamps that were converted into 3 lens marker lamps. It's even stranger that one has 3 reds and the other has 3 blue lenses. Possible marine Port/Starboard use. The mounting brackets were applied a long time ago. They stand 10" high and they have 4" diameter concave lenses. The red is in better shape and has a pot and burner and it also has the Dressel tag on the sliding door. The blue has globbed on paint and a frozen door. No pot and no Dressel tag. This is an unusual set in Decent overall condition.

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